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BioPRYN Testing


BioPRYN Pregnancy Testing

BioPRYN is the first and leading protein-based blood pregnancy test for sheep, goats, cattle and other ruminant animals. BioPRYN accurately measures Pregnancy Specific Protein B (PSPB), a protein produced only by the placenta of a living fetus. BioPRYN can be applied to all sheep and goats as early as 30 days after breeding. BioPRYN is a proven, accurate, convenient, and cost-effective method for identifying open animals, enabling you to confidently manage your herd or flock.


BioPRYN testing requires around 2 cc's of blood. This blood sample can then be shipped to, or dropped off at, Apogee Animal Health, Inc. Testing is performed on Tuesdays and Fridays with results reported on the next business day. Additional information can be found here.

Cost to test: Cattle - $5.00; Goats & Sheep- $6.00

Test day: Tuesday and Friday

Goat/Sheep Submission Form

Electronic Submission Form

Sample Collection & Submission

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