Sample Collection & Submission


Collect samples

  • Obtain supplies

    • Red top or red and grey top serum separator blood tubes

    • 20 gauge x 1" vacutainer needles

    • Vacutainer needle holder

    • Alcohol

    • Cotton swabs

    • Latex/nitrile exam gloves

  • Collect your samples

    • Watch one of the videos below to learn how to collect blood

      • How to collect blood from cattle video

      • How to collect blood from sheep and goats video 

    • Be sure to use a new needle on every animal to avoid contamination​

    • Label tubes with both a test tube number and an animal ID 

Package samples

  • Bundle samples together with a rubber band in groups of 2-10 tubes

  • Wrap the bundle(s) with enough paper towels (or other absorbent material) to absorb fluid if all tubes break

  • Place samples inside a leak proof zip lock bag

  • Place samples inside an insulated shipper with ice-pack

    • *Ice packs are not required for pregnancy testing, but encouraged to avoid temperature extremes​

  • Fill the shipper with bubble wrap or other packaging material to prevent tube breakage

  • Enclose sample submission form and payment inside a zip lock bag - samples will not be run if either of these are missing

  • Label the outermost packaging with the phrase "Exempt Animal Specimen"

Ship samples