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Dairy Cattle

dairy cattle services

Dairy Consulting Services 

Whether you have 50 cows or 5,000 cows, it is important to identify where you can improve productivity and profitability. Utilize our dairy consulting services to evaluate everything on your operation from calf health to cow comfort and reproductive performance. We also author case definitions and standard operating procedures tailored to your farm.

Routine Herd Work

From utilizing ultrasound to determine the reproductive status of your cows to administering local analgesia prior to disbudding, we bring the latest technologies and standards of care to your farm.


Regulatory Work 

Whether you need health certificates written, cattle tuberculosis (TB) tested, or heifers calfhood vaccinated, we are USDA Category II-accredited and can complete the necessary tasks and paperwork. We can also authorize Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs) for your feed antibiotic needs.


Retail Product and Prescription Sales -

We carry vaccines, prescription products, milk replacer, and supplies to meet your large animal needs, or, to save you a trip to town, we can ship products to your doorstep next-day, free of charge.*

     *Some restrictions apply. Minimum order of $175 to qualify for free shipping.

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