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Sheep and Goats

sheep and goat services

Integrated Parasite Management

Visit with us today about how to utilize the FAMACHA© system, innovative pasture management techniques, multi-species grazing and dewormers in your parasite management program. For more information on FAMACHA© or to organize a training in your area, please contact us.

Complete Reproductive Services

Would you like to increase the number of lambs or kids born per year? Do you desire to more efficiently manage your flock/herd during lambing/kidding? From implementing estrus synchronization to ultrasounding ewes and does to performing breeding soundness exams on your rams and bucks, we provide comprehensive reproductive consultation and service work that will maximize productivity and profitability of your flock/herd.

Regulatory Work

For producers traveling out-of-state or transporting animals across state lines, we are USDA Category II-accredited and can complete the necessary tasks and paperwork. We can also authorize Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs) for your feed antibiotic needs.

Retail Product and Prescription Sales

We carry vaccines, prescription products, and supplies to meet your large animal needs, or, to save you a trip to town, we can ship products to your doorstep next-day, free of charge.*

     *Some restrictions apply. Minimum order of $175 to qualify for free shipping.

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