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Our Staff

Hannah Rokey

Veterinary Assistant

Hannah Rokey.jpg

Feeding bucket calves, running from opossums in the chicken feed, loading finisher hogs, and feeding heifers for her uncle were among the first of Hannah’s animal encounters. Once she was old enough to drive, she started feeding calves for a neighboring dairy. Compared to the beef calves she had been used to bottle feeding they appeared sickly and skinny, but she eventually did learn to love those Holsteins and spent countless hours in the milking parlor.

Although landscaping used to seem as pointless to Hannah as decorative couch pillows, nine years around the local greenhouse, Grimm's Gardens, taught her that there is little more satisfying than watching the transformation of a plant and attempting to help it reach its full potential.

While at Grimm’s Gardens, Hannah traveled the Midwest installing agriculture irrigation systems. It was through these experiences she learned to say "I'll try." Fluently running an excavator and pulling a trailer through busy cities had been among the top of her "never will I ever" statements, but now they are among her "sure, any day" replies.


Believing that she was fearfully and wonderfully made, she chooses to be thankful for the gift of Cystic Fibrosis her body was given to manage. This, more than anything, has taught her that a rose is most beautiful if it has thorns. 


Today she is also grateful for the opportunity to work with Apogee and be shown a deeper understanding of caring for the animals we were given responsibility over. For, after the encompassing love towards her Creator, they rate right up there with her love for family, friends, and sunshine. And, when a day’s work is done, she always looks forward to being home where her dog, Jeb, and his ball greet her with anticipation. 

"It is God that girdeth me with strength and maketh my way perfect. He maketh my feet like hinds' feet and setteth me upon my high places." 

Kara Beyer

Office Manager

Kara and husband Klint reside near Morrill, KS where they farm and raise beef cows and sheep. Agriculture has always been part of Kara's life since she was raised on a 100 head dairy farm. 


Klint and Kara have been blessed with 5 children, which keeps them busy!  In the spare time she does have, Kara enjoys traveling, reading, scrapbooking, and being outdoors.   

Drs. Aaron and Amy Schaffer
Dwight & Anita Rokey

Veterinary Assistant & Office Assistant

22 Rokeys (1).jpeg

Dwight and Anita live with five of their children southwest of Sabetha on a registered Holstein dairy farm where they milk 125 cows.  Faith, family, farm, in that order, is the cornerstone of their lives!  One daughter is married, and another son works on a neighboring dairy while the other children help on their farm when needed, with their oldest daughter taking on more roles and ownership of cattle.

The Rokeys enjoy exhibiting cattle at state and national shows as a family. Together, they enjoy the registered cattle business and the dairy industry throughout Kansas and around the nation.  Anita has enjoyed serving as a board member of the Kansas Dairy Association for the past couple of years.  Being involved in Kansas agriculture, with an emphasis on dairy, is exciting for her!  Getting to know others and being able to relate to others and other situations is a great benefit to their farm and business.

Anita also enjoys small getaways with the family because dairying seems like a 24/7/365-day job!  Additionally, she enjoys cooking, reading, and any type of nature hiking/biking.

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