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A new way of job training

Many cattle producers and feedyard managers can attest to the challenges in securing good help on their operations. Perhaps you are one of them. Or maybe you're a robust young man interested in working with cattle but you've never had much hands-on experience and don't know where to get started. A student at Texas A&M University has developed a new method of training cattle handling that will likely appeal to many young people today.

In the following article, Nicholas Free, a senior in animal sciences at TAMU who lacks first-hand experience in livestock handling, tells how he was led to create an interactive gaming simulation for individuals such as he. The simulator, "CowSim," has three levels which focus on different settings (open range vs. inside a facility) or challenges within that setting.

For access to the simulator, click the "Play now!" link at the bottom of the article. From there you'll be directed to a website to request access. Happy trails!

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